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Mauritius Real Estate

Updated: Nov 10, 2022

The New Promised Land for Global Property Investment

Mauritius is an island nation in the Indian Ocean, about 1800 kilometers from the African continent. Its green mountains and white beaches are surrounded by clear blue waters. In addition to tropical beaches, Mauritius offers much more. Its vibrant economy, attractive tax systems, and competitive business landscape have enhanced Mauritius' global reputation and attracted wealthy individuals and families from around the world.

Known as the wealthiest destination in Africa and a tropical island paradise, Mauritius is among the world's top luxury tourism destinations. Mauritius offers great tax advantages to foreigners, has a good educational system with international schools, has a low crime rate, and has a well-developed healthcare system

Attractive tax regime

Investing in Mauritius real estate means taking advantage of an attractive and unique tax regime. Taxes on personal income and profits are only 15% on the island. Dividends, capital gains, social charges, and property taxes are all tax-free. A real estate acquisition in Mauritius is also not subject to wealth tax in your home country. A double taxation agreement signed by Mauritius with several countries allows foreigners and companies domiciled in those countries to pay Mauritius' tax on Mauritian income. Thus, income and wealth can be taxed only once.

You'll benefit from:

• No exchange control

• Free flow of money

• No tax on dividends

• No taxes on capital gains

• No tax on wealth

• No inheritance tax for direct descendants

• Repatriating profits and dividends without any restrictions

• Individual and Corporate Tax & value added Tax at 15%


Property remains the safest haven.

Mauritius has consistently enhanced its legal and regulatory framework over the years and maintained its reputation as an International Financial Center (IFC). Building the resilience of the Mauritius IFC and ensuring that Mauritius remains a viable investment destination.

The ease of procedures and simplifying the conditions of purchasing property have encouraged foreign investment. There are several new real estate projects emerging every day, and foreigners are increasingly investing or relocating to the island. There are currently about 20,000 to 30,000 expatriates living in Mauritius, according to the United Nation.

The government is taking new measures to attract foreign clients. You can purchase a prestigious property in Mauritius under a property regime by investing a minimum of 375,000 dollars instead of 500,000 dollars.

The validity of a permanent residence permit has been extended from 10 to 20 years.

In addition, the buyer's dependents, children, parents (if they are retired), and spouse also benefit from a permanent residence permit. Residents will also be able to invest and work in Mauritius without additional permits. Property owners can also rent their properties if they wish.

Furthermore, security in Mauritius is one of only a few countries that are not affected by war or conflict; it ranks 24th worldwide and first in Africa; According to the Global Peace Index,

You can become a Mauritian citizen in two to six months.

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