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The Most Beautiful Island In The World

Updated: Nov 22, 2022

Mauritius has been ranked "The Best Island in Africa and in The Indian Ocean" by the Big 7 Travel in 2022.

Situated in the southwest of the Indian Ocean, Mauritius offers stunning beaches, spectacular scenery, natural wonders, tempting cuisine, and a fascinating multicultural society. Whether you want to explore North, South, West, or East, you’ll find a diverse coastline, each with its own natural beauty

It is a big achievement, of which we are very proud. In this blog post, we'll talk about why you should move to Mauritius.

There are so many reasons why owning a Mauritian property is like owning your own little piece of paradise!

Where should I stay - North, South, East, or West?

The north of Mauritius is full of bustling energy: there are interesting shops, a fantastic selection of water sports, and the island’s only resort town: Grand Bay. Its popularity is due to its mesmerizing emerald coast and liveliness day and night.

Compared to the North, the South is less crowded. The area is famous for its rough seas, waterfalls, cliffs, and beaches.

East is known for the spectacular and pristine coast of Belle Mare, an ideal destination for active families and romantic couples. Breathtaking landscapes, notable beaches and luxurious hotels are what make this area so great.

The West is ideal for snorkeling and spectacular sunsets!

Mauritius' west coast has long, beautiful beaches and excellent kitesurfing conditions. On the southwest coast is

Le Morne Mountain, an iconic landmark on now a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Explore the marked trails of Black Gorges National Park for waterfalls, vast canyons, dramatic mountain ranges and rare wildlife like parrots.

The scenery is amazing!

Sunny weather all year round

A tropical island getaway has never looked so good

The year-round sunshine makes it an attractive destination. Summer in Mauritius starts getting warmer in October which lasts until March. Dry winter is from May to September with a temperature around 22° C on the coast; you can expect plenty of clear sunshine days. Mauritius is often referred to as a cultural "melting pot". Raised in this diversity and familiar with different communities and ways of doing things, Mauritians are very tolerant of different beliefs and cultures. Magnificent colonial houses and tea plantations are reminiscent of the British era, while famous street foods such as 'roti', 'dal puri' and 'gateau piman', bustling markets and Rhythmic SEGA music and lively festivals evoke the nation's uniqueness and vibrant diversity.

Mauritius wins again her Top 3 Destination Awards at the 2022 World Travel Awards (WTA)

The World Travel Awards (WTA) designated the island for its "outstanding vacations and hospitality"

A dynamic hub between Africa and Asia

It is not just the geographical position of Mauritius in the Southern Indian Ocean that makes it a convenient hub between Africa and Asia. Mauritius is one of Africa's strongest economies, with consistently high annual GDP growth, as well as a lifestyle of comfort, beauty, and security. The purchase of a property in Mauritius is considered a safe value because of its long-standing social and political stability, market economy, and good governance.

A hearty welcome to foreigners

The Property Development Scheme (PDS) has made it easier for non-citizens to invest in Mauritius real estate. Mauritius enjoys a stable year-round climate, a stable economy, abundant natural beauty, modern infrastructure, a favorable business environment and a favorable tax system. , it is no surprise that Mauritius is a popular expat travel destination.

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