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 "We have the grit, expertise and determination, to tackle any problem of your business"

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Olivier Vincent

Olivier holds a Master’s in Business Administration – MBA from MANCOSA.

He is a seasoned entrepreneur and business expert with a vast wealth of experience working as a senior corporate executive with reputable companies locally and across Africa and Europe for over 20 years.  Olivier has traveled to more than 15 countries, created a vibrant network of more than 5000 businesses globally, and mobilized funding for key projects across Africa.  He has proven himself as a resourceful, reliable, and competent advisor for multiple businesses in the areas of strategic initiatives, establishing new companies, business structuring, taxation, and financial planning, and auditing.


Christel Leveque

Christel is a Marketing Consultant and holds an Executive Master’s in Digital Marketing from Paris Dauphine University.

A Bold, Meticulous, and Tenacious Marketer with over 15 years of experience in the Strategic Management field, Christel has acquired a wealth of knowledge working with local and international brands; embracing multiple sectors. She has risen up the corporate ladder through determination, the pursuit of excellence, and consistency in delivering stellar performance. One of her most remarkable achievements was introducing the flagship Thermomix Brand in Mauritius and recently, embracing the entrepreneurial journey, Think Thrust Ltd. Additionally, she is also a Chartered Marketer from CIM UK.

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